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Published April 19, 2020

We’ve added a new member to the team! Going forward, Rick will be handling (most) of our gaming news, reviews and general chit chat. To kick things off, here is his first review and the start of what we’re calling “Video Game Quick Hits”.

Scantily clothed females, gripping story, amazing music, and epic battles. Yup, Nier Automata is a Japanese RPG that checks all of the traditional boxes.

I finally decided to play this gem once it hit Xbox GamePass, and boy was it a treat. You assume the role of 2B, a female looking android that is part of YoRHa, a military style android group created by the humans to fight the alien robots that have invaded Earth. Nier Automata is technically a sequel, but you don’t really need to have played those to enjoy this game, or even understand the story, as this game takes place hundreds of years after the original Nier games.

What really shines in Nier is the character driven story. Even though you play as an android, and fight robots, you really feel for the characters. The combat is solid, but simple. You can easily finish the game button mashing the X and Y buttons with ease. There are combo attacks, but you don’t need them to succeed. The music is absolutely fantastic, and is actually sung in jibberish. The musical director for the game invented a language based on what he thinks humans would be speaking in a few thousand years. The visuals are also a plus, and the game runs incredibly smooth on the Xbox One X.

Overall, the game took me about 25 hours to finish with me completing some side quests. You need to “beat” the game 3 times to get the true ending, but in reality, it felt like one play through. Each play through is different enough to keep things fresh. If you’re a fan of Japanese style hack and slash games, this is a must play. The only things missing, for me, were a larger open world and more customization with your character (armor is non-existent and weapons are few and far between).

Overall, I’d rate this game an 8.5/10.

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