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Published February 4, 2020

A Quick Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Summary

Shooting, explosions, and more shooting…….oh, and skydiving.  Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was released worldwide back in early October and any of you familiar with the Tom Clancy games are well aware of the military/secret agent/SWAT team type game play you’ll receive, complete with the vast amount of guns and gear that will  keep you blasting through baddies and blowing up vehicles. Breakpoint is no exception. They could have called this game Wildlands 2 and that would have been plenty accurate.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has the same “team up with your buddies in an open world” concept and is more or less an upgraded version of Wildlands.  You’ll be wreaking havoc across the fictional land of Auroa as “Nomad”, the (almost) fully customizable ghost soldier who survives a helicopter crash while on his/her way with fellow ghosts to investigate the sinking of a cargo ship off the coast of Auroa. There are the normal RPG elements where you level up in all the usual ways, as well as a Division-esque gear level system that will keep you grinding better gear for your soldier in order to “shoot harder”……or whatever, plus a player hub where you’ll be able to meet up with other online players and tackle missions. 

Honestly, the best part of this game, in my opinion, are the cut scenes with the Walker character who is voiced and modeled by Jon Bernthal. If you’ve seen the latest Punisher series you can expect more of that style Bernthal in Breakpoint and it’s honestly just proof to me that we’ll be seeing more and more Hollywood level actors working in video games…….but that’s not what I came here to talk about.

The T-800 is Back

Unless you’re super young or have been living in a cave for the last 2 decades, you’re probably familiar with the Terminator franchise.  You know, robots and people from the future going back in time to stop a war, or kill a war hero, or drop one liners. That sort of thing.  This actually fits pretty well in the world of Breakpoint. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is already set slightly into the future and involves a lot of fighting drones so humanoid robots from the future isn’t a stretch. 

This new event kicked off on January 29th with a mission that will have you tracking down a women who took out some larger drones by herself and, to the surprise of no one, it turns out she is from the future and was looking for you.  Shortly after finding her you’ll be attacked by a T-800 series terminator (sorry, it’s not Arnold) and have to fight your way out of a compound in order to get the time traveling human, Rasa, back to your HQ. But not before you make a stop to pick up a terminator killing weapon……and yes, so far it seems to be the only way to take out a terminator; you’ll need it, you’ll be fighting several. 

As someone who has hit the level cap and boosted my gear level to 228, I find the T-800 encounters to be very satisfying. They offer a mini-boss feel that is far and few between in Breakpoint. Normally I can plow through enemy compounds easily with my one of my friends and I never feel terribly challenged, even if we decided to use stealth. But the Terminators take a beating and can’t be taken out with a head shot like the normal enemies.  You’ll find yourself on the run and having to use some actual strategy to down a T-800. The event missions are as solid as any other story mission in Breakpoint and the event side missions count as faction missions (which they have finally fixed) that allow you to unlock all the newly released Terminator themed gear…….that is awesome and totally worth the time because let’s be honest; what’s the point of an open world gun slinging adventure game if you can’t look stylish walking away from explosions?

You’ll Be Back

All in all the Terminator event is a welcome and reasonably well executed addition to Breakpoint.  Ubisoft fixed a few things with this update to improve quality of life but you’re still going to find yourself occasionally moving awkwardly in and out of cover; the vehicle controls are still a hair wonky, and if I had a dollar for every time I yelled “climb the fucking ladder” I could buy a second copy of this game.  This is certainly the best piece of new content since the raid was released, the PvP is still spicy garbage; don’t waste your time. The terminators are also enemies of your enemies so you’ll encounter them fighting the normal bad guys and that leads to some of the most entertaining moments for me personally.

At one point my teammate and I were retreating from three T-800s; at some point one of them decided to leave us alone and engage an enemy check point.  After eliminating the 2 remaining terminators we joined the battle at the checkpoint and cleaned up the mess. Those are the moments that make gaming with friends one of the best experiences out there.

If you’ve been on the fence about playing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint now’s a good time but the terminator event is only here until February 6th, so you don’t have much time to score those sweet sunglasses.  Get on it, and bring some friends.

Guest review by Benjamin Emmett

Instagram: @benjamin.emmett – Snapchat: emmettbenjamin – Twitter: @emmett_benjamin

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