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Published April 10, 2020

Jeff (The Pizza Guy) here with the weekly Pizza Friday review! This week, I went with one of the lesser known pizza chains – Jet’s Pizza.

The pie I went with was their Detroit style Deep Dish pizza with their Turbo seasoned crust. They had an okay deal for a small pizza and a side of bread. This is the prefect size meal for myself and Mrs. Pizza Guy to split.

The pie showed up pretty hot, which was nice as delivery is a crap shoot sometimes. The Pizza was quite good. Great bake, not very greasy, and a generous amount of sauce. I love the corner pieces, as the edges of this style pizza are delicious.

While the pizza was solid, the Deep Dish bread is what stole the show. In concept it should just be the same as the pizza, just without the sauce. In practice it’s so much different. The cheese cooks better, they add parmesean cheese on it as well. They forgot to bring the side of sauce (minus 0.5 point), but when you get to dip it, it’s delightful.

Score – 7/10

Tip: For breadsticks or any bread side, I still like to put crushed red pepper on it. When you dip it in the sauce, it tends to fall off. What I do is sprinkle it directly into the sauce which was a total game changer for me and breadsticks.

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