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Published May 10, 2020

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the much anticipated sequel to the metroidvania Ori and the Blind Forest, which released a few years ago on Xbox One, and has also made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Ori 2 looked to build off of what made the first game great; beautiful art, great music, and very tight platforming control. It also added a much more in depth combat system, as well as real boss encounters.

Within the first few hours of playing the game, it became very apparent that the developers took note of what made Hollow Knight (another metroidvania game) successful, and implemented many of the same mechanics into their game. There is now a “town center” where Ori can interact with the world’s inhabitants, build out the village, upgrade abilities, and participate in multiple side quests. Just like in Hollow Knight, there’s a map maker that you must find to complete each section of the map. As a huge fan of Hollow Knight, this was great to see. It added a lot more depth to the game, something that was missing in the original.

As I made my way through the game, I loved every second of it. It looked better than Ori 1, the music was as good, the controls were just as tight, and there was real combat. The only downside as I progressed through the game was that I knew it would be too short for my liking. By the end, I was able to complete my first playthrough on hard within 12 hours. I enjoyed every second of the 12 hours, but I just wish there was more to the game, more boss fights. With that being said, I will never detriment a game for being too short, as long as I enjoyed my time with it. It’s a testament to how good a game is when you wish it was longer.

In regards to a 2d platforming style game, Ori 2 is almost perfect for the short time I spent with it. If you enjoy 2d side scrolling type games, Ori 2 is a must have.

For me, this game is a 9/10.


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