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Published May 6, 2020

Monday’s dinner was brought to me by¬†Old Republic Kitchen + Bar. I ordered up the Tennessee Hot Chicken sandwich and sweet potato waffle fries. The menu lists this sandwich as “caution: hot” and sadly, as usual, I was let down by the “hot” part. Aside from that, everything was actually really good.

This was my first time trying Old Republic’s food and I came away quite pleased. The hot sauce, while not exactly hot, had good flavor. The breading had crunch in enough spots and great texture. The chicken breast itself was fine but Popeyes has ruined me for portion size…I wish their piece was thicker. The waffle fries were great, lots of flavor.

Overall, I would happily order both items again. Next time, I’ll try something else, though. Anyone have any suggestions? -Mook

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