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Published April 27, 2020

Fallout 76’s release was disappointing to say the least. It reviewed awfully, and Fallout fans were pissed off, rightfully so. Bethesda made a game that absolutely nobody asked for. A multiplayer Fallout in which the world you explored was desolate and void of life (other than your human counterparts). The premise of 76 was that you were the first vault to open, meaning you’d also be the first humans to see the United States again. Sounds interesting right? Wrong. Since you’re the first humans to leave, there aren’t any human settlers or settlements to interact with. There’s no Nuka Town, there’s no Diamond City, it’s just desolation in every direction. The game was not worth my time upon release. I played for about 30 minutes and was bored the entire time, what a disappointment.

Fast forward about 1.5 years and a very large update has just been released, the Wastelanders. Apparently other vaults have opened their doors, because now there are human NPCs everywhere, complete with full dialogue options, missions, towns, camps, etc! Everything a Fallout fan could ask for. I decided to jump back in, and honestly, I’m glad I did! I’m running missions for humans, attacking settlements, and just plain having fun. If I had to describe this game now, it’s Fallout 4.5. It’s not a large enough to change to the engine for me to consider it something like a true sequel, it’s more like what New Vegas was to Fallout 3, which is a good thing!

I’ve put quite a few hours into the game since Wastelanders released and I would highly recommend it to anybody that’s enjoyed previous Bethesda fallout games. You’ll feel right at home in Appalachia.

Overall, I’d score this game an 8.0/10 in its current state. -Rick

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