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Published November 18, 2019

Ahead of its premiere on December 13th, Amazon has released an all new trailer for The Expanse season 4. This will be the first new season available on Prime since the online giant saved the show from the SyFy axe.

The story itself looks great and the players all seem to be right back into their roles without skipping a beat (thankfully) but there is definitely one thing that has me extremely worried after watching this newest trailer.

When The Expanse aired on SyFy, I was actually super impressed with the special effects, even more so because the show was on SyFy. Watching this trailer, however, a lot of the effects now seem low budget and cheap. I’m really hoping this is simply because the trailer was cut before everything was actually finished (as this will often happen). You can’t have a show of this caliber held back by everything thats going on on screen.

Lets hope Amazon delivers. The trailer can be viewed below. And if you need to catch up before December 13th, you can binge the first 3 seasons on Prime Video.

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